Minute Taking

In addition to my standard services I also offer minute taking as a standalone service.

If you are in the Newcastle area I can arrange to attend in person. Or minutes can be taken remotely for virtual meetings.

When booking me to minute a meeting I will discuss your needs with you beforehand to ensure you get an effective set of minutes for your business.

Effective minute taking is a skill that takes time to develop. Being able to listen, follow the discussion and understand the key points to be recorded is not easy and is especially difficult if the person minuting it also trying to take part in the meeting.

By hiring me you are free to focus on the business at hand, knowing that your minutes will be recorded efficiently.

All notes taken are confidential and all data protection regulations are followed.

Minute Taking Rates

By the Hour

Minute taking can be charged at my standard hourly rate of £30 per hour. My total chargeable hours will include any preparation, the meeting itself, creation of draft minutes, edits if required and production of the final document. I will record all my time accurately and only charge you for the time used. Time taken will depend on the complexity of your meeting, however as a rough estimate assume an additional 1.5 hours per hour of your meeting. (For example for an hour long meeting, assume the final cost would be approximately £75)

Set Project Rate

It may be preferable to use a set project rate so you can budget accordingly with no surprises. Project rates for minute taking are:

Meetings up to 1 hour 30 mins – £120

For meetings up to 3 hours – £210

For meetings up to 5 hours – £300

Project rates include preparation, attending the meeting and producing one draft and final set of minutes.